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  • Swiss-based OEM Manufacturer of Induction & Permanent Magnet Rotors and Stators for Hi-Speed, Hi-Power Turbomachinery Applications. Powers from 1KW to 2MW. Speeds up to 500K RPM.

    Applications: Automotive (Fuel-Cell Compressors, Range Extenders & Traction Motors), Turbomachinery, Power Generation/Energy Recovery, Micro-Turbines, Cryo-Pumps (LNG, Hydrogen), HVAC, ORC, Waste-Water Blowers, Machine Tool Spindles, Medical, Concrete Cutting.

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    Möhlin, Switzerland

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  • US-based OEM Manufacturer of Custom Motor Drives & Inverters for Turbomachinery Applications & Rugged Environments: Modular Power Conversion for Energy Storage Systems, Intelligent Power Modules, Multi-Level Grid-Tie Inverters, Motor Drives, DC/DC Solutions, SCR Controllers.

    Applications: Automotive (Hybrid Bus Traction Drive), Micro-Turbines, Railroad HVAC, Induction Motor Drives for Locomotives & Mining Trucks, Multi-Level Inverters for Gas Turbine Engine Power Generation, Sensor-less PMSM Flywheel Drive (24/7, 20MW Aggregate System)

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    Merrimack, New Hampshire

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    • Generators for GTE Micro Turbines
      140KW @ 64K RPM
      160KW @ 51K RPM
      Water Cooled, Foil Bearings

      100 KW Flywheel Motor
      16,000 RPM, Works in Vacuum
      24/7 Operation

      Range Extender for Truck, GTE Driven
      350KW @ 75K RPM

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    • Grid-Tie Inverter for GTE Micro Turbine
      140KW @ 64K RPM
      160KW @ 51K RPM
      Multi-Level, Water Cooled, Sine Filter not Required

      100 KW Drive for Flywheel Energy Storage System
      Active Front End
      Sensorless PMSM, 24/7 Operation

      Inverter for Truck Range Extender
      350KW @ 75K RPM

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